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Project Executive

1. Prepare project related documents (e.g. schedule, user manual, testing script)
2. Monitor and collaborate project
3. Construct testing plan with execution
4. 1st Level technical support

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1. 一般倉務工作, 如收貨, 點貨, 執貨, 上架, 發貨, 搬運貨物等
2. 盤點存貨, 更新存貨記錄, 整理貨倉
3. 輪班工作,上午9時至下午8時,每天工作 8 小時
4. 每週工作5天至6天,輪休

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1. 帶領一小隊技術員執行維修服務
2. 處理內部及外部查詢
3. 支援技術員工作和進度

1. 中五程度或以上
2. 有客户服務經驗
3. 良好溝通技巧及態度
4. 願意學習新產品

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Software Developer

1. Develop, support and maintain Payment Solutions Applications including payment gateway and payment terminals
2. Confirm project requirements by reviewing program objective, input data and output requirements with details

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